Common name: Cyhalofop-butyl
Chemical name (IUPAC): butyl (2~{R})-2-[4-(4-cyano-2-fluorophenoxy)phenoxy]propanoate
CAS NO.: 122008-85-9
Empirical formula: C20H20FNO4
Structural formula: https://www.chemicalbook.com/CAS/GIF/122008-85-9.gif
Uses: a highly active and permeability additives, width emulsifying properties and widely infiltration. It is widely used in oil dispersion(OD) as the medium of oleic acid methyl ester, corn oil, soybean oil. The unique compatibility of Additives makes preparations to maintain good storage stability, and thus overcome a fundamental factors such as the original pesticide caused "solid guitar" "viscous" phenomenon of the oil suspension agent, to ensure the agents maintain good mobility and emulsifying.
Specification: 20%OD
20%OD 25kg /drum or according to special requirement.
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