Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fertilizer

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fertilizer is a pure natural, non-water soluble granular product based on Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi specifically designed to promote plant growth under a large range of environmental conditions. Progagules (fungal spores and mycelium) are immobilized on and in expanded clay granules as carrier system. It is free from biotic and abiotic contaminants such as phytopathogens, weed seeds or phytotoxic substances.
Mode of action:
Establishes a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in plant roots
Enhances natively established arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses
The mycorrhizal fungi create an additional nutrient absorption system around the root; mycelium transports nutrients to roots, like P, Cu, Zn, and other macro and micro-nutrients.
Mycorrhizal mycelium aggregates soil particles and increases nutrient uptake efficiently

Application rate:
Tree & shrub nurseries:
2.5–5% (v/v) SEGA BASIC incorporated into the nursery planting substrate. Use the higher rate when pot size is ≤ 1 L, and use the lower concentration in pot sizes > 1 L.  
Narrow spaced field crops:
20-50 ml SEGA BASIC per m2 in narrow-spaced crops (e.g. in turf, cereal, pastures) applied on the soil surface and up to 5 cm grubbed in to ensure good germination conditions for the fungi and a close contact to the roots to be colonized; the specific application rate depends on the volume occupied by the roots; the smaller the seed the higher the rate.
Widely spaces field crops
10-40 ml SEGA BASIC per linear m in widely-spaced row crops (e.g. cotton, maize, alfalfa, legumes, out-doors ornamentals and vegetables) preferably applied shortly before or while sowing in the furrow under the seed; in heavy clay soils use up to 50 mL per linear meter. Always try to apply the product as much as possible near newly germinating roots
Transplant of pre-germinated plants
2-5 ml SEGA BASIC per plant for ornamental and horticultural crop production in green houses placed in each planting hole under the seed or bulb; the specific application rate depends on the volume occupied by the roots.
Target Crops:
Following benefits of mycorrhizal colonization of plants in different fields of application are listed:
Fields of application Benefits
Trees and shrubs  Improved root growth, better survival after field transplant, healthier and resistant to environmental stresses
Ornamental plants Healthy, earlier and improved flowering 
Cereals & pasture lands Yield enhancement, 30% increase in water use efficiency
Vegetables Yield enhancement, protection against nematodes
Lawn & turf Improved strength and durability 
Regeneration of landscape Quicker coverage, better water balance and nutrients
Soil structure improvement Improved water infiltration, increased water holding capacity and soil microbial activity
Soil aggregate stabilization Up to 30% within 2 years; up to 60 % within 15 years; increased resistance to soil erosion by wind or rain

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