The mayor of Huzhou City Qian Sanxiong and other municipal government leaders visited the new factory of SEGAQ Technology to inspect and guide the progress of the project

        On the afternoon of September 8, 2018, Huzhou Mayor Qian Sanxiong, Deputy Mayor Xiang Lemin, Deqing County Party Secretary Wang Qinying, and other city and county government leaders visited the SEGA Technology Project site for inspection and guidance. Deputy Director of our company Chief Hu Juanhong accompanied the visit and gave a work report, and extended a warm welcome to the inspection by the city and county leaders.

         During the visit, Mayor Qian asked in detail about our company's project progress, company scale, main products and future development plans. In response to Mayor Qian's questions, our company's vice chairman Hu Juanhong carefully reported. Through the introduction, Mayor Qian learned about the company's scale, main business, and future development. When he heard that SEGA Technology has four independent production bases for technical medicines, preparations, packaging and plant nutrition, it is a national high-tech enterprise When the products are selling well all over the world, Mayor Qian affirmed the achievements of our company and put forward earnest hopes for the development of our company.

Mayor Qian asked about the progress of the project, and Vice Chairman Hu Juanhong explained and accompanied the tour



The vice chairman introduced the main business and production scale of SEGA



        Thanks to the municipal and county government leaders for their recognition and attention to SEGA technology. SEGA Technology will uphold the principle of "creating green agriculture with technology" and continue to create efficient and high-quality products to serve agriculture and give back to the society.