Good news! Good news! SEGA Technology has won many honors! ! !

      2017 is a year in which pressure and motivation coexist, challenges and opportunities coexist. Looking back on the past year, all employees of SEGA Technology, under the leadership of the chairman of the board and the support of governments at all levels, properly responded to the changing market environment, adjusted business ideas and strategies in a timely manner, and under the special circumstances that the pesticide industry is gradually developing in depth Through the united and unremitting efforts of everyone, certain achievements have been made.


      The honor of 2017 will let it stay in the past. In 2018, SEGA Technology will continue to write brilliant. In the new year, SEGA Technology is full of confidence and the courage to meet challenges, see the development situation clearly, strengthen development confidence, grasp development opportunities, and pinpoint development priorities. It will definitely win the initiative in the market economy competition and embark on sustainable development. Road to health. I hope that governments at all levels and our customers can continue to support us, unite our will and move forward, and our tomorrow will be even better.