Gibberellic acid3

Common name: Gibberellic acid3
Chemical name (IUPAC): (1~{R}2~{R}5~{S}8~{S}9~{S}10~{R}11~{S}12~{S})-512-dihydroxy-11-methyl-6-methylidene-16-oxo-15-oxapentacyclo[^{58}.0^{110}.0^{28}]heptadec-13-ene-9-carboxylic acid
CAS NO.: 77-06-5
Empirical formula: C19H22O6
Structural formula: https://www.chemicalbook.com/CAS/GIF/77-06-5.gif
Gibberellins (GA3) belong to a natural plant hormone. It can stimulate plant stem elongation by stimulating cell division and elongation. And it can break seed dormancy promote germination and increase fruit setting rate or cause parthenocarpic (seedless) fruit by stimulating stems of a plant higher or leaves bigger. Then it has been proved from the production practice for many years that the application of gibberellins has signification effect in raising the yield of rice wheat corn vegetable fruit etc.
Specification: 80%SG
80%SG   25kg /drum or according to special requirement..
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