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1). Promoting growth, increasing yield, improving quality. 
2). Increasing the percentage of fruit setting, promoting fruit 's enlarging. 
3). Increasing burliness rate, increasing weigh of fruits per 1000 granules. 
4). Improving the ability of cold resistance and drought resistance. 
5). Improving the ability of disease resistance. 
6). Regulating differentiation in issue culture. 
7). Efficiently relieve harmful effect of pesticide, fungicides, herbcides. 
8). Increasing activity and energy of seeds and germination percentage. 
9). Effectively prolong the duration time of natural preservation and transportation of fruits, vegetables and flowes when applied 5-10days before harvest.


Applying to wheat, rice, corn, soybean and peanut:
1).Spraying on wheat and rice plant, 3-7days later, the chlorophyll can be produced more in the plant, which can promote the photosynthesis to produce more nutrition and dry substances, and 7 days later the amount of root increase, and root grow deeper into the soil, which make plant get more water and nutrition and resist drought and waterlog better. Also the length of segment of base part stem decrease. The plant get a better ability of lodging resistance and yield increases about 20%.
2) .Spraying on corn during pre-female inflorescence emerging stage once and need not use any other growth hormone.
3).Can increase the disease resistance ability of peanut and soybean and augment number of legume, also can realize multi-legume The effect is very obvious.

Applying to vegetable:
Spraying on leaf-vegetables, 3-5 days later, the effect can emerge obviously. Leaves get wider and thicker, yield increases 20-40%. Applying to fruit vegetables, the plant is robust and can resist fruit dropping and flower dropping, promote fruit’s enlarging, and early maturation. So, there is no need to use 2,4-D or other hormone. Also the plant sprayed with BR481 can resist virus and frosty mildew etc. The yield increases 20-45% and vegetables can be put onto market 7-14 days earlier.

Applying to fruit tree:
1) Spraying before flowering stage, can promote the differentiation and formation of flower bud, avoid the occurrence of fluctuant yield, needn’t doing the circular peeling treatment in the stem of fruit trees, protect the flower bud from chillness damage. Spraying in flowering stage can prevent fruit dropping and flower dropping.
2) Spraying on fruit enlarging stage: promote fruit enlarging rapidly, rectify the deformed fruits; increase amount of top quality fruits greatly and increase yield 15-50% regularly.
3) Spraying on fruits coloring stage: color fruits earlier, improve the appearance and shape of friuts. Increase the coloring area of apple and peach etc. Applying to pear, the color of fruit is similar to the encased fruit. Applying to liche, longan, strawberry and banana can improve the gloss, content of sugar and shelf life.
4) Strengthening tree: rectify the leaves which are yellow and small, make the leaves greener and thicker, prevent leaf dropping, equalize the tendency of growth.
5) can improve the plant to resist salination, desease and freezing.

Applying to cotton:
Increase amount of roots, promote root grow deeper, prevent bolls from dropping efficiently, promote boll’s enlarging, make stem more robust and leaf thicker and deeper in color, have a very strong chemical controlling effect, restrain strong, prevent presenility, resist wilt of cotton, increase yield more then 15%.
Applying to stem tuber crops:
Promote fruit root grow deeper, increase amount of fruit root, prevent growing overly, resist leaf blotch and root rot, make the plant robust and mature without leaf dropping, increase production more than20%.


90% TC , 0.01%SL/SP, 0.0016%SL


TC: 25kg/drum or according to special requirement.

SL: 200L/drum or according to special requirement.

Last: no

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