Common name: Pyrimethanil
Chemical name (IUPAC): 4,6-dimethyl-~{N}-phenylpyrimidin-2-amine
CAS NO.: 53112-28-0
Empirical formula: C12H13N3
Structural formula: https://www.chemicalbook.com/CAS/GIF/53112-28-0.gif
Uses: 1.Pyrimethanil has protective activity in control of gray mould and both protective and curative activity in control of leaf scab.
2.Pyrimethanil has good effective to control of gray mould on vines, fruit(such as strawberry), vegetables(such as tomato and cucumber) and ornamentals, control of leaf scab on pome fruit such as apple and pear.
3.Pyrimethanil is prevent and cure gray mold in grape, strawberry, tomato, onion, bean, eggplant etc.
Specification: 40%SC
40%SC 200L /drum or according to special requirement.
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