R & D Center

The company has more than 50 "certificate" products, covering most agricultural compounds and the prevention and control of diseases, pests and weeds, and can meet the requirement of different areas and different crops for insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and plant growth regulators. The company’s main advantage product series:
1. Formulation products-Lufenuron series products: our company currently has 1 Lufenuron technical certificate and 3 formulation certificates, among them 2% Lufenuron+1%Emamectin Benzoate SC has been awarded The National Innovation Fund project and it is also a famous brand product in Huzhou City.
2. Plant growth regulator series- Brassinolide products, etc.: Our company has 1 technical certificate and 3 formulation certificates, and the company is one of the manufacturers with abundant certificate resources in the country. The company participated in the formulation of three product standards of this series, and two of this series of product standards were rated as "Made in Zhejiang" standards.
3. Organic silicon product series of agricultural surfactants: This product has the effects of saving water and labor, increasing efficiency and reducing pesticide residues. The speed of my country's agricultural industrialization is accelerating, and the people are paying more and more attention to food health, which provides a broad market opportunity for this product.

In 2016, the company started the construction of a GLP physical and chemical analysis laboratory, which will be built into a test unit with domestic and internationally recognized GLP qualifications and capable of good operation. The company has invested a large amount of capital to purchase various reaction instruments, liquid (gas) phase chromatograph (HPLC/GC,Agilent), liquid (gas) phase-mass spectrometer (HPLC/GC-MS, Agilent), infrared spectrometer, ultraviolet spectroscopy and other advanced detection and analysis equipment.